Communication and Education Can Make or Break a Benefits Plan


The Company

 150 life group in multiple states

  Fully insured health plan

The group had 25 employees in a remote office. The health plan is written in the state of the company’s headquarters.

The Challenges

 Health plan written in the state of HQ
  Remote office employees having a hard time finding doctors.

Remote location employees weren’t happy with their plan. Since the plan was written in the state of the company headquarters, the remote office employees had difficulty finding doctors who participated in their plan and felt they would be better served by purchasing a local plan. The old broker told the benefits administrator they could write a small group policy by carving out the local office as a stand-alone group.

The group went through the entire process only to be turned down by the local carrier for not being eligible as a small, carve-out group. Months of work and communications were wasted, and employee morale took a step downwards.


The Solution

   Rubicon created an employee communication solution for the remote location employees to educate them about their existing plan and teach them how to properly find doctors in their local market

 Educational meetings were set up for both employees and their dependents

The corporate benefits administrator contacted Rubicon Benefits in search of advice on how to improve benefits, repair, and even improve employee morale. Rubicon interviewed several employees involved as well as worked with local insurance specialists and determined that the network and benefits being offered was actually the best fit for the employees at this location. However, Rubicon also determined that employees were not appropriately educated on communicating their insurance plan with their providers.

For ease of communication, Rubicon created instructions on how to submit out of state claims and attached those instructions to employee ID cards. That way, employees can present their ID cards and point to the instructions on the card. Rubicon also held educational meetings to teach employees how to search for local providers and communicate their plan to doctors and hospitals. The meetings helped employees understand their coverage in detail, showing them they actually had very rich benefits.


The Results

  Rubicon Benefits was appointed the Broker of Record for the company’s entire benefits plan in all locations

 Rubicon works with the whole workforce providing ongoing education and support via the Rubicon Employee Advocate Card program

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